The Doctor like you've never seen him before!

Update from Who-Net Central

As some of you know, things have been kind of crazy here at the Dooley household. Our Lumina, the faithful mode of transport that has gotten us hither and yon for nearly two decades, is on life support, which kept us from travelling to the meeting in May. We're currently looking for a good used car, and I'm hoping that my brother Kenny and I can get together Monday to go shopping about. I absolutely plan on being at the June meeting, as we have a lot of stuff to go over on the InConJunction schedule.

I had a lot of fun putting the schedule together this year, and with the proper amount of tweaking, I think we'll have a terrific line-up of classic videoes, the latest Matt Smith episodes, live-shows, contests, and panels. And I can't wait to see how things work out with our new location at the Mariott.


For those of you who get BBC America (and, if you're so lucky, BBC America HD), tonight's the night the 5th/1st/31st season of Doctor Who debuts, and for newcomers it will be a fantastic jumping-on point, as everything seems brand-new... a new companion, a new TARDIS (the new interior will pluck your eyes right from their sockets), and, most importantly, a new Doctor in the form of newcomer Matt Smith.

It seems to be a tradition that you'll always miss the previous Doctor terribly... until ten minutes into the new one. And Smith nails it on the head from his very first words to eight-year old Amy Pond: "May I have an apple?". Following this is a manic segment that sets us up for one of new producer/writer Steven Moffat's creepiest stories, and one of the best relaunches of the Time Lord's history. With David Tennant's departure still lingering in the minds of many a fan, it was all-important that everything, from script to lead actor, was perfect. And Moffat has us hooked from the nearly the first minute.


Due to several commitments by our staff and the Easter holiday, the April Whoosier Network meeting has been moved to March 26th, which will see the final two episodes of TORCHWOOD - CHILDREN OF EARTH and some special features all geared toward the upcoming 31st season of DOCTOR WHO, which we'll launch uncut and commercial-free on May 7th at the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church. We wish everyone a very Happy Easter and a lovely holiday weekend!


I can't believe the time is winding down for 2009, and what a year it's been for the Whoosier Network! Our appearance at InCon this year was as successful as 2008, despite that there were very few new Doctor Who episodes to present at our video room. In fact, many came specifically to attend the Doctor Who video room for most of the convention, which tells me we're really doing something right.

Next year, InConJunction will be migrating to the east side of Indianapolis at the Mariott just off Shadeland Ave., and it may just be our biggest InCon appearance yet. I'll be able to give you much more details in the next few weeks, so stand by for action!


Yep, it's De Boss again, clearing out the cobwebs from this site after too long a time away. Sorry I've been gone for a while, but after handling one crazy crisis after another, both in my personal life and with club stuff, I'm hoping to post more stuff up here as things start rolling toward next spring's debut of the 11th Doctor! And we have a VERY special event coming up on December 4th for all Whoosiers and Whonatics out there... the annual Christmas Party will take place on that date, following the club meeting, and you sure don't want to miss the meeting, because our Doctor Who feature will be THE WATERS OF MARS! Yes, the final "stand-alone" Doctor Who special before the holidays bring us David Tennant's final appearances as the Tenth Doctor.


I can't believe it's almost here... INCONJUNCTION 2009 is almost upon us, and I'm just about finished with the final packing of goodies, art, posters, publications, all manner of cool stuff for display or sale at the Who-Net room. We're going to be running classic Doctor Who adventures 'round the clock all through the weekend, so be sure to click on the InCon menu to your left to check out all the great events. We may be running one of your favorite DWs this weekend!


It was months of hard work, fortitude, and loads of drawings... but it's finally here! The INNER DIMENSIONS/THE NEUTRON FLOW 2009 SPECIAL has arrived! If you're a member in goodstanding with the Whoosier Network and would love to have this great mix of all-new and vintage fan-made Doctor Who stories, you need do nothing. We will be mailing out all copies of the special immediately following the July 4th weekend to all our membership.

But, Boss... what if I'm not a member of Who-Net and I'd like to have one of these terrific editions for myself?

Well, first off, if you're not a member of Who-Net, then you're nuts! Secondly, it's easy... each copy is $6.00 postpaid. Merely send a request and a check for six smackaroos to Mark C. Dooley, 2817 22nd Str., Columbus, IN 47201, or contact me at


July 3rd-5th, the Whoosier Network will be, in their own, inim- inimat- it's own geeky way, "puttin' on the Ritz" at the 2009 INCONJUNCTION, being held at the Sheraton hotel on the north side of Indianapolis at Keystone at the Crossing. We'll once again be presenting some of the best of DOCTOR WHO, as well as our live presentations of our quiz show "Are You Smarter Than a Sci-Fi Geek?", dramatic readings, panels, and ALL of the David Tennant holiday specials in one big Sunday marathon, with just enough of a break to hand out some great doorprizes (get your tickets early!).

Plus, on Friday night I'll be participating in a special sing-a-long shadowcast of one of my all-time favorite movie musicals, 1776! As far as I know, I'll be doing "The Lees of Old Virginia" number as Richard Henry Lee, a song that was born to stop a show. But depending on what the folks there will need, I may be doing more. Hell, if they want me to play Martha Jefferson, I'm in! I can hit those high notes... "He plays the violiiiiiinnnnn...."


Ahoy, Whovians, Mark "De Boss" Dooley here, and if you've been coming to the last couple of Whoosier Network meetings and wondered, "Where the hell is Dooley?", well, bad stuff happens, and in this case, car problems in March, and in April, family illness that kept us at home. Deena's dad, who is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, caught pneumonia a few weeks ago, and the family had to make the hard decision to place him in a nursing home up in Franklin.

So its been some back-and-forthing from Columbus to Franklin. Fortunately, he's getting better and has actually been able to do some walking in the corridors.


I know, it's been forever since the last time I've posted here, so let's get on with it and give everyone an update on what's happening at Who-Net Central....

Well, first and foremost, I just drew the diabetes card, which is not a great disaster in my book... it's a signal that De Boss needs to start taking better care of himself, doing better food, exercise, and (and I can't believe I'm doing this) consulting with a doctor and a nuitritionist. I'm feeling much better now, and I've got a lot of my old energy back.

Secondly, I'm hard at work on the promised INNER DIMENSIONS/NEUTRON FLOW SPECIAL, which will be out by February. It's looking really good so far, and I think everyone will really enjoy it.

Next up, we want to encourage everyone who can make it to attend the next Whoosier Network meeting Friday, Jan. 9th at 6:30 PM, when we'll be presenting the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special "THE NEXT DOCTOR", the first of the final five episodes that will close out the magnificent run of Russell Davies, Phil Collinson, Julie Gardner, and David Tennant as the caretakers of the Who legacy. When the series returns full out in 2010, it will be under the guidance of one of DW's most powerful scribes, the award-winning author Steven Moffat and will feature a new actor as the Eleventh Doctor. So, to say the least, there is much, MUCH to look forward to over the next two years.

Finally, on behalf of the staff and membership of the Whoosier Network, we want to wish all of you the best of the New Year!

A Timeless New Year