The Doctor like you've never seen him before!


I'm a sentimental old duffer at Christmas time... I mean really manic depressive. I break out the Christmas CD's almost immediately after Halloween, every blessed DVD in the blessed house gets played (with "The Lemon Drop Kid" saved to Christmas Eve), and if not for a very prim and proper wife, the decorations would be up on November 1st and not be put away until February.

But she can't touch my internet radio, and since I got DSL, I'm beyond delighted to find hundreds of online radio stations running holiday cheer 24/7 in all styles and eras. Of course, I gravitate to classic Christmas music from the 30's-60's. And to my great surprise, there are several that run nothing but Old Time Radio Christmas shows.... great performances by legendary stars such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Der Bingle, Greer Garson, George and Gracie, Fibber and Molly, and hundreds of others. Boy, if only I had a fireplace in this office...


86-83 New Jersey. Better, and the Pacers are picking things up.

Can't say the same for Columbus East. It's 20-6 Cathedral. Can't wait to get out of here for the late showing of Casino Royale at 10.


Depressing. 51-41 New Jersey Nets. Also watching Columbus East Vs. Cathedral. Equally depressing. 13-0 Cathedral. I did enjoy the fireworks show at Fairoaks though.

Hope you're enjoying Doctor Who. We'll be back in a little bit with better news.


Okay, you know the old saying "Don't do as I do, do as I say"? Well tonight, Dee and I will be greeting the approaching yule with an early dinner and the spectacular holiday fireworks display at Fairoaks Mall and an evening of shopping.

That's what WE'RE gonna do, YOU are gonna do what I say... stay at home, tune in on the Sci-Fi Channel, and check out the amazing line-up of great shows.

HEROES, 7:00 PM EDT. A new Hero is found, with tragic consequences. The artist meets Horn-Rimmed Glasses and a desperate measure is taken to save the cheerleader. Hiro takes a gamble to save a life.


It's a ways off from the American release, but you want to check out the sneak preview of the newly-restored "The Invasion", one of the partially-complete Patrick Troughton episodes which has been completed with new animation surplanting the missing chapters and utilizing the existing audio tracks. It's definitely on my wish list for next year. You can find it:


93-83 Pacers! Sorry I didn't get back sooner, but I'm working on a couple of projects tonight and they took my time up. Hope you enjoyed tonight's Doctor Who and arte currently digging on this week's Battlestar Galactica!


35-33 Magic. Hope you're all enjoying Heroes. Stay tuned for Doctor Who at 8:00. We'll be back in about fifteen minutes with an update!


Yep, it's Sci-Friday, time for you wonderful folks to baracade the door, dismiss Jennifer Love Hewitt, and let nothing get between you and the best TV line-up on cable, Sci-Fi Channel's Friday night lights:

HEROES, 7:00 PM EDT: Hiro and his pal encounter Niki's kid and escaped con dad, with really cool results, the cheerleader's secret is out, and Peter gives his brother a swift kick in the keyster. Great stuff!

DOCTOR WHO, 8:00 PM EDT: "The Impossible Planet" A black hole is sucking in everything around it except for one planet, which is actually orbiting the amazing phenomenon, much to the surprise of its Earth exploratory crew and the station's newest visitors, the Doctor and Rose...


Okay, usually Mondays I recommend you watch the titanic trio: "Prison Break" on Fox at 8, followed by "Heroes" at 9 and "Studio 60" at 10 on NBC. Please, do catch them...


From 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM, video tape one of my all-time favorite films, 1776 in what I believe to be its very first run on a major cable network, TCM. Taking nearly all of the original Broadway cast into the film version of the award-winning musical, the movie deals with the days prior to the authoring and signing of the Declaration of Independence, centering upon its authors John Adams (William Daniels), Thomas Jefferson (Ken Howard), and Dr. Benjamin Franklin (Howard DaSilva) Would that we could have achieved freedom to song and dance, but the book of the musical goes much darker than that, giving us vividly drawn characterizations of the legendary founders.

De Boss Vs. De Dentist

Well, if you were at the November 3rd meeting and were wondering where the heck Dee and I were, I spent Thursday and most of the rest of the weekend doing tooth pain. Specifically, a back molar that has been disintegrating slowly but surely over the past year-and-a-half finally got so bad it infected the gum around it and made living nearly unbearable. I was hoping to hold off getting it extracted until this week, but it got to the point Wednesday where I had to make the appointment.

The tooth had receded to the gum line, so the doc, wearing his best "Leatherface" mask, had to grind it out. Everything was just fine... until a half hour later when the novacane wore off. Fortunately, there were no sharp objects around me at the time, bacause I would have cut my own throat to stop the unrelenting pain.