The Doctor like you've never seen him before!

De Boss Vs. De Dentist

Well, if you were at the November 3rd meeting and were wondering where the heck Dee and I were, I spent Thursday and most of the rest of the weekend doing tooth pain. Specifically, a back molar that has been disintegrating slowly but surely over the past year-and-a-half finally got so bad it infected the gum around it and made living nearly unbearable. I was hoping to hold off getting it extracted until this week, but it got to the point Wednesday where I had to make the appointment.

The tooth had receded to the gum line, so the doc, wearing his best "Leatherface" mask, had to grind it out. Everything was just fine... until a half hour later when the novacane wore off. Fortunately, there were no sharp objects around me at the time, bacause I would have cut my own throat to stop the unrelenting pain.


Okay... this is the one time I insist you tape record Sci-Friday this weekend...

Basically so you can attend this Friday's Whoosier Network meeting, details of which you can find to your right. Good, good stuff!

What?! You can't make it? You live out of state? What, you can't afford to fly to Indianapolis for this incredible event? Oh, fer cryin' out loud, you cheapskates!

Okay, I'll give you a pass this one time if you're too stingy to cough up for a plane ticket. It all begins Friday on the Sci-Fi Channel with:

Mohinder prepares to return home to intern his father's remains, while Hiro and his buddy get sidetracked from their mission once again while in Las Vegas. And will Peter convince Isaac to join the others to learn the secret of their visions?


I usually don't do a lot of commercial plugging, but I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know about a big sale of TV box sets going on at my favorite spot to buy my discs, DEEP DISCOUNT DVD. Loads of British TV shows such as THE AVENGERS, SECRET AGENT, THE PRISONER, MONTY PYTHON, and many others! Just head to and click on the buy-one-get-one link. This sale lasts only until 10/30/96, but the prices are incredible and with a bogo attached... irresistable!


De Boss here again, and since our next Whoosier Network meeting isn't until next Friday, it's perfectly safe for you to stay at home, shut everything out of your life (even that annoying IRS collector who's threatened you with imprisonment if you don't cough up), and check out the superb line-up on Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Friday!

7:00 PM EDT kicks things off with an encore repeat of HEROES, in possibly the best episode so far, as slowly the supers discover each other's existence and a new catchphrase enters our cultural language... "save the cheerleader, save the world".

8:00 PM EDT wraps up the return of the Cybermen in "The Age of Steel". As the Cybermen gather the London populace to be "upgraded", the Doctor and Rose find themselves with two Mickeys, one of which is the alternate Earth's leader of the underground. And by the time our tale reaches its end, the fate of a companion will be decided...


Not to beat a dead horse, but again this weekend's Sci-Friday is not to be missed. Stay in Friday and tune into the Sci-Fi Channel, go out Saturday. Or better still, come to the Halloween party (see the column to your right for times and directions). Everything's reruns on Saturdays anyway.

HEROES' encore from last Monday's NBC run brings an amusing close to our cheerleader's predicament, Hiro and pal learn the wages of sin in Sin City itself, and the power of Nikki and her alter ego begins to manifest itself.

DOCTOR WHO: "The Girl in the Fireplace". Mickey's first true adventure with the Doctor and Rose is one of the best episodes of the new series, as the trio arrive on a spaceship whose corridors contain time passages that lead to the life and times of a young French courtesan. Trust me on this, if you have any Kleenex left over from last week's heartbreaking reunion with Sarah Jane, have it and a fresh box on hand. You'll need it.


I hope everyone is looking forward to the Halloween Party this Saturday.

Everything should be provided for a good evening. I have a few structured activities planned that should be fun including holding to a Halloween tradition of story telling. If it is your want, bring a short story or poem either from your own pen or of an author you appreciate and share it with everyone.

I'm planning to provide enough food items for the party but if anyone would like to bring a favorite dessert to share, I'm sure nobody will object. Additions would give a greater variety. Please don't feel obligated, however.


Tonight, you have nothing to do and nowhere else to go that could possibly distract you from tuning into the Sci-Fi Channel for a spectacular night of great shows. Forget "Ghost Whisperer" and "Close to Home", record the damn things. Same thing goes for "Smackdown". I'm as big a wrestling fan as there is, but Smackdown of recent has made ECW look like a Olivier-produced version of King Lear. ABC, NBC, and the hock-pewie MyTV? Please. There's absolutely nothing on the other channels worth your valuable time more than Sci-Friday.

Kicking off at 7:00 PM EST is an encore of NBC's HEROES, with a shocking ending that will leave you both repulsed and laughing your fool head off.


Holy crow, Stephen put in some overtime...

Hi, gang, and welcome to the new and vastly improved WHOOSIER NETWORK ONLINE! I'm brand-new in this place in every way possible, so please forgive me if I do a lot of bumping into the furniture. Ooops! Damn ottoman...

First off, many, many thanks to Stephen Kendall, who has been the architect of not only this but many of the hi-tech changes that Who-Net's undergone over the past few months. When you come to the next Who-Net meeting (check out our announcement to the very right of you), give him a slap on the back and a big cigar. Then watch him turn a brilliant shade of green, since he doesn't smoke...

September 4th, 2006

I know, it's been far too long between postings and updatings, so let's get things off on the right foot...

InConJunction was a tremendous success for Who-Net and its relaunch as Indiana's Doctor Who club. We celebrated the club's 20th anniversary with a big party and the music of former President Rick Lee, served up live panel discussions, ran a great round of no-holds-barred trivia, and, of course, had a packed house every night while we ran the entire second season of DOCTOR WHO with David Tennant. The crowd was incredibly responsive to the series, particularly to the last two, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday". James Robinson of Cincinnati, one of our newest members, graciously loaned us his movie screen and projector so we could super-size the finale of Year Two. The climax of "Army of Ghosts" squeezed a collective gasp from the crowd, followed by a standing ovation for "Doomsday" heartbreaking conclusion.

June 23rd, 2006

We're only a couple of weeks away from InCon, and things are absolutely bustling here at Who-Net Central! We're putting things together for an all-new membership package for new and renewing Who-Net members, we've been putting together the plans for the Who-Net room schedule, and, boy, are there going to be loads of surprises for everyone who stops by the Who-net room this year. It's a buttload of work, but it'll be worth it because 1. Who-Net is really gonna shine at InConJunction this year and 2. I am defending my title as World Champion Show-Off. Whoever is competing against me has never seen the can of whoopass they're opening...