Tonight, you have nothing to do and nowhere else to go that could possibly distract you from tuning into the Sci-Fi Channel for a spectacular night of great shows. Forget "Ghost Whisperer" and "Close to Home", record the damn things. Same thing goes for "Smackdown". I'm as big a wrestling fan as there is, but Smackdown of recent has made ECW look like a Olivier-produced version of King Lear. ABC, NBC, and the hock-pewie MyTV? Please. There's absolutely nothing on the other channels worth your valuable time more than Sci-Friday.

Kicking off at 7:00 PM EST is an encore of NBC's HEROES, with a shocking ending that will leave you both repulsed and laughing your fool head off.

Then at 8:00 PM EST, tell the kids and the spouse to either sit down and watch or shut their pieholes and go to bed, because DOCTOR WHO is bringing back two beloved favorites from the classic TV series, Sarah Jane Smith (played by the immortal Elizabeth Sladen) and K-9 (voiced by the great John Leeson).

Now, anyone can bring a former companion back on the series, big deal. But what really makes this episode crackle (superbly written by Toby Whitehouse) is that it addresses things that have never been dealt with in the series before. Why are the companions' time with the Doctor so shortlived? What becomes of them after they exit the TARDIS' doors? How does one cope with returning to a mortal life after travelling the cosmos with an immortal? Sarah has a lot of questions for the Doctor on why he never returned for her, and what should have been a happy reunion quickly turns bittersweet. Then there's also a bit of "companion envy" when Sarah meets "the new one", Rose Tyler....

For your own sake... have a box of Kleenex within arm's reach.

And at 9:00 PM EST, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA continues with the first part of a two-parter. With the insurgents being rounded up for execution, is the skeleton crew of an inadequately trained Viper attack prepared for the battle for humanity?

And if you're not too worn out from all that, you might take a gander at THRESHOLD at 10:00 PM EST to at least see what Brent Spiner was doing last year.

Happy potato-couching!