Not to beat a dead horse, but again this weekend's Sci-Friday is not to be missed. Stay in Friday and tune into the Sci-Fi Channel, go out Saturday. Or better still, come to the Halloween party (see the column to your right for times and directions). Everything's reruns on Saturdays anyway.

HEROES' encore from last Monday's NBC run brings an amusing close to our cheerleader's predicament, Hiro and pal learn the wages of sin in Sin City itself, and the power of Nikki and her alter ego begins to manifest itself.

DOCTOR WHO: "The Girl in the Fireplace". Mickey's first true adventure with the Doctor and Rose is one of the best episodes of the new series, as the trio arrive on a spaceship whose corridors contain time passages that lead to the life and times of a young French courtesan. Trust me on this, if you have any Kleenex left over from last week's heartbreaking reunion with Sarah Jane, have it and a fresh box on hand. You'll need it.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: "Exodus" Part 2. Adama and the Vipers launch their assault on New Caprica to retrieve the refugees. But Boomer has been informed of Adama and Rosylyn's betrayal. Will this effect her ability to lead the battle against the Cylons?

Have a great Friday, and hopefully we'll see lots of you at the Halloween party Saturday!