De Boss here again, and since our next Whoosier Network meeting isn't until next Friday, it's perfectly safe for you to stay at home, shut everything out of your life (even that annoying IRS collector who's threatened you with imprisonment if you don't cough up), and check out the superb line-up on Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Friday!

7:00 PM EDT kicks things off with an encore repeat of HEROES, in possibly the best episode so far, as slowly the supers discover each other's existence and a new catchphrase enters our cultural language... "save the cheerleader, save the world".

8:00 PM EDT wraps up the return of the Cybermen in "The Age of Steel". As the Cybermen gather the London populace to be "upgraded", the Doctor and Rose find themselves with two Mickeys, one of which is the alternate Earth's leader of the underground. And by the time our tale reaches its end, the fate of a companion will be decided...

9:00 PM EDT brings us TV's best sci-fi series not from England, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and now that the Galactica has reclaimed the New Caprica refugees, those who colloborated with the Cylons face a nasty tribunal. And you know what they say about tribunals... they're always great until the wrong person is put to death...

And while I'm here, let me fully recommend you check in to this Monday's special broadcast of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at 10:00 EDT. A lot of people have been screeching about a good family show with great role models, compelling stories, and even a touch of spiritualness. It's here, gang! Now where are ya?

Have a great weekend!