April 10, 2006 - We're Back!

The DooleysI can’t believe it! We’re back! We’re actually back!

Well, the first thing I wanna do is thank everyone for their infinite patience while we underwent massive amounts of computer renovation this last fall, which will do nothing but improve things around here exponentially. Our last chink in the armor to shore up was trying to find one of my old web builders that was compatible to my Yahoo account.

And by golly… here we are!

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing lots of new stuff here. A Mark and Dee regular comic strip will be getting its own little spot here, we’re eventually going to get a chat area started, and as soon as I can get some time, we’ll get some old Who-Net photos up here. See us when we all had hair!

I’ll have some updates in the Who-Net menu also, including our next couple of meetings and our appearance at INCONJUNCTION this year.

One big change we're making is the homepage will serve as a recurring blog, and my aim is to keep it updated every couple of days. It'll be a little slow to begin with, because Dee and I are both recuperating from pneumonia and I'm just at the energy level that I can do some more artwork and actually go into my mundane job.

Okay, guys, give me a few days, and you'll see some cool stuff coming up soon!