De Boss Vs. De Dentist

Well, if you were at the November 3rd meeting and were wondering where the heck Dee and I were, I spent Thursday and most of the rest of the weekend doing tooth pain. Specifically, a back molar that has been disintegrating slowly but surely over the past year-and-a-half finally got so bad it infected the gum around it and made living nearly unbearable. I was hoping to hold off getting it extracted until this week, but it got to the point Wednesday where I had to make the appointment.

The tooth had receded to the gum line, so the doc, wearing his best "Leatherface" mask, had to grind it out. Everything was just fine... until a half hour later when the novacane wore off. Fortunately, there were no sharp objects around me at the time, bacause I would have cut my own throat to stop the unrelenting pain.

Things are better today, although the nerve is still in its deaththrows and the pain pills make me extremely drowsy. Hopefully I'll be healed up for the most part by tomorrow morning and be lucid for the big Colts game against the Patriots tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's a nice picture of your Who-Net staff, just to prove we do know how to put up a picture on this bugger.
Whoosier Network Staff