I'm a sentimental old duffer at Christmas time... I mean really manic depressive. I break out the Christmas CD's almost immediately after Halloween, every blessed DVD in the blessed house gets played (with "The Lemon Drop Kid" saved to Christmas Eve), and if not for a very prim and proper wife, the decorations would be up on November 1st and not be put away until February.

But she can't touch my internet radio, and since I got DSL, I'm beyond delighted to find hundreds of online radio stations running holiday cheer 24/7 in all styles and eras. Of course, I gravitate to classic Christmas music from the 30's-60's. And to my great surprise, there are several that run nothing but Old Time Radio Christmas shows.... great performances by legendary stars such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Der Bingle, Greer Garson, George and Gracie, Fibber and Molly, and hundreds of others. Boy, if only I had a fireplace in this office...

Oh, no, don't get me started on that hearth on the video tape. You don't want that kind of violence.

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