Okay, you're getting a big pass this Friday. Record this Sci-Friday's Heroes, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica... because you don't want to miss this Friday's Whoosier Network meeting featuring the uncut, unexpergated Doctor Who two-parter, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday". You just don't wanna wait until January to see this... especially on a big screen with a lot of other Who-fans. Details are directly to your right.

Meanwhile, on Sci-Friday:

HEROES, 7:00 PM EDT - Hiro's leap back six months ago to save the waitress gives us insight to the lives of Peter, Mohinder, Claire, and Niki prior to the beginning of the series.

DOCTOR WHO, 8:00 PM EDT - "The Satan Pit" The Doctor finally cuts out the middle man and goes straight to the Prince of Darkness to fight evil. Check out the title... there's truth in advertising.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, 9:00 PM EDT - Apollo and Starbuck have a boxing match. I've got a front row seat.

As I said, RECORD this, and come to the meeting. This is mandatory. I know where you live.