Well, the sad news we have to end 2006 is that, due to budget cuts and an attempt to bring all Marion County libraries into a singular schedule, the Glendale Library will be closing at 6:00 on Fridays, which has brought to an end the Whoosier Network's time at our longtime gathering place.

But while we're looking for a regular meeting place we can call home, we have great news to kick off 2007: Who-Net WILL be meeting on January 5th at one of its most unusual venues... Zelma's Restraunt at 965 N. Shadeland (on 10th and Shadeland) in their big party room. Come with good appetites and prepare for an exciting night of ALL-NEW DOCTOR WHO, beginning with the new SARAH JANE SMITH ADVENTURES special, starring lovely, immortal Elizabeth Sladen as arguably Doctor Who's most beloved companion, now on her own tracking Earth-bound monsters and villains.

And then... hot on the heels of the tragic events of "Doomsday" (to be seen this Friday on Sci-Fi), comes DOCTOR WHO AND THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, the long-awaited Christmas special that will send the series in a whole new direction.

And golly, there is a chance I might have the January Gallifreyan Gazette and enough news to choke a horse!

We hope to see all of you there!