Sci-Friday is quick upon us, and while there will be no new Battlestar Galactica until the middle of January (and it will on Sunday nights from now on!), we have the two-hour finale of

DOCTOR WHO: "Army of Ghosts", "Doomsday" 8:00PM EDT
First off, if you haven't seen any of Sci-Fi's promo spots for tomorrow's finale... DON'T!!!! I know that given the nature of the Internet, probably everyone who reads this website already knows the big surprise at the end of "Army"... but I'll still go on the presumption that there are still those who haven't seen the stunning climax of Season 2 and will, like me, jump out of my seat at the end of "Army" and shriek like a giddy little girl who just got the biggest, coolest dolly in the world. The big difference is that you won't have to wait a whole week like I did to see the conclusion. Be sure to have kleenex on hand. It is an indespensible companion to this show.

And for those in the Indianapolis area who will be beating themselves to death waiting for the Christmas special, may I direct your attention to the right-hand column....