We've just received word that the Sci-Fi Channel has, indeed, picked up the good Doctor for his third year, and they want it for a summer run! So 2007 is going to be filled with good stuff for the average Who fan (though I have yet to meet an "average" Who fan).

Dee and I are hunkering down tonight with "It's a Wonderful Life", the George C. Scott version of "A Christmas Carol", and our all-time Christmas Eve favorite, Bob Hope in "The Lemon Drop Kid". It rarely gets a run on TV anymore, which I don't understand, because next to "A Christmas Story", it's the funniest Christmas movie ever made. Yeah, even more than "Scrooged", and for one reason... for just a moment, Bob drops that usual character he plays, a grifting, cowardly wisecracker, and shows that tenderness that I always knew he was capable of. I don't need to tell you when it happens, if you have it on tape or DVD, you'll know when. Tears come every time.

So, on behalf of myself, Dee, and the entire Whoosier Network, we wish God's blessings on you and peace and joy throughout the coming year.