Dee and I have just gotten back from our Emmaus walks, a Christian retreat that, for my part, has worked literal miracles for my mental health and future well-being. Dee's finishing hers tonight, and hopefully she'll be a little stronger as she was ill most of yesterday. My brother Tim, his wife Shera (Dee's sponsor, as Tim was mine), and I attended the candlelight service for the walkers. Dee led the way in a wheelchair, due to her illness, but her spirits exploded when she got to our spot in what I like to call "the carwash of love"... hundreds of former walkers gathered to give the new ones love and support for their weekend and their devotion.

I've never been prouder of her.

To Who-Net stuff: as you can see from the right hand column, our next meeting will be on APRIL 13TH, rather than our regular first Friday due to the Dwelling Place's Good Friday schedule. Because of this happenstance, we might have an extra surprise...

InCon: I've just been in contact with InConJunction showrunner Robert Pyatt, who told me that we got a great response to our schedule last year from attendees who filled out their surveys, and he's looking forward to what we have planned for this year.

Indeed, I've just finished a rough first draft of our InCon schedule, and though it's not a final draft (I'd rather that after several Who-Net staff meetings), we're planning on a lot of great stuff: another, vastly improved trivia game (tentatively titled, "Are You Smarter Than a Sci-Fi Geek?"), "The Rick Lee Variety Show", starring our President Emeritus and a galaxy of great filk and totally original songs, and we'll throw in a pretty energetic panel discussion as well.

And, amazing as this is, our video schedule will consist entirely of all-new material, including the third season of Doctor Who, the complete first season of Torchwood, Doctor Who: A Celebration (the grand Children in Need concert featuring Murray Gold's brilliant music from the first two seasons), and the pilot episode for the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures.

Please, have a blessed day and we'll talk very soon.