Mark "De Boss" Dooley here with a reminder that the Whoosier Network will be meeting Friday May 5th at 6:30 PM at the Dwelling Place, 7440 E. Michigan Road (across the parking lot from Jubilee Bowl), Indianapolis, IN.

And we continue the exciting third series with Martha Jones' first trip in the TARDIS to 17th Century London and the Globe Theater, where the Doctor and his new protege` arrive in time to save up-and-coming playwright Billy Shakesphere from what appears to be an actual witch! Can the time-traveling duo crack THE SHAKESPHERE CODE?

And then it's back to New Earth for a fateful encounter with the Face of Boe, who has a great secret to impart to the Time Lord... one that will change his life forever! Well... that is if he and Martha can get through New New York's insanely condensed GRIDLOCK.

We'll also have another thrilling episode of the DW spinoff series "Torchwood", though we do caution that due to the adult nature of the series, parental discretion is advised. And we may also have a couple of special little goodies, courtesy of our tech man Stephen Kendall!

We will be ordering some food in at around 6:30 - 7:00PM before the program begins, so if you'd like to toss in for some pizza or such, we will be doing this only around this time so that everyone can enjoy the show uninterrupted. You are free to bring your own choice of take-out. As far as drinks go, we ask that you bring your own choice of beverage.

We will also be making a freewill offering to the staff of the Dwelling Place as thanks for their allowing us to use their wonderful facilities, so if you have a couple of bucks you can spare, please do as your heart moves you to.

Hope to see you this Friday!