Boy, I can't believe it's this close, less than two weeks before InConJunction, and the Whoosier Network is going to be there with a huge line-up of classic and all-new video and live presentations. Amidst the running of the entire third season of DOCTOR WHO and selected episodes of TORCHWOOD, we have our wildly successful trivia game from last year, now entitled ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A SCI-FI GEEK? and our variety show A DOCTOR WHO COMPANION, starring the musical talents of our President Emeritus Rick Lee and a dramatic reading of Chapter 1 of the hilarious SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING by Peter David.

And if that wasn't enough, we have our door prize raffle with fantastic prizes, including a variety of autographed items and some great goodies that any fan would go crazy for. I will be wearing body armor while selling tickets, which are $1 a ticket or 6 for $5!

AND (yes, I said AND)... if you become a 2007 member of the Whoosier Network or renew your current membership at InCon, not only will you get our all-new membership package with cool new club badge, membership card, 'fridge magnet, Who-Net pen, a year's subscription to the Gallifreyan Gazette, and our Christmas time goodie, a commemorative issue of our fanzine THE NEUTRON FLOW, you'll get one free raffle ticket for subscribing to our e-mail version of the GG for $16 or two if you subscribe to our hardcopy version delivered to your doorstep by your friendly neighborhood postman for $26! Man, can I shill or what?

For more information about our weekend scheduling, check out www.inconjunction.org's home page and click on the Doctor Who video room icon.

We hope to see you all on July 6th when we step into the time vortex and the fun begins!