It came and went so quickly.

But still, Who-Net's presence at InCon was keenly felt, both at our great video and event room, and with Mark Gasper's incredibly elaborate Dr. Who USA set up in the merchandising area. How could you be a Doctor Who fan and not just spaz at the tons of Doctor Who/Torchwood/British sci-fi goodies he had set up?

I, of course spent a slight fortune at Mark's booth (we didn't need to make that electric payment anyway) and got me some cool action figures, a Doctor Who clock, and a table mat, as well as the first volume of Big Finish's Dark Shadows audio series. It is a difficult thing to pay for that while your wife is trying to snatch the checkbook out of your hand...

As for the video room, the attendance was everything we hoped for and beyond. Unfortunately, it seems no matter how well you prepare for these things, something always seems to put you off schedule, so I extend our sincerest apologies (fresh out of the barrel marked "Sincerest Apologies") to all our attendees and supporters for the lateness of our schedules, and thanks for hanging in there. I promise you, next year we'll be better prepared and rehearsed (and that's all on my part).

Meanwhile, I have a number of people to thank. First off, to Rick and Julie Lee, for not only their help on Saturday and Sunday, but Rick's amazing talent and hilarious music.

Second, to Stephen Kendall for supplying us with 90% of all our video presentations and video recording our live presentations.

Third, to James Robinson for bringing us a big time upgrade in our video presentations by way of his projector and big screen Saturday afternoon. The remaining episodes we ran looked so awesome! Thanks for all your help, James!

Fourth, to Wendy Carson, who single-handedly try to kill us all with her "Extermination by Chocolate" Dalek chocolate cake. It's the first cake I've ever encountered that left a trail of bodies in its wake...

Fifth, to the InCon staff for all their help and the accomodations we were given, particularly during Sunday when we expanded into Suite 6. Everything worked beautifully.

Sixth, to all those who donated prizes to our doorprize drawing and to all those who participated. We were pleased to have such a wide variety of prize packages to appeal to all our attendees' interests.

And finally, to all our attendees for making Who-Net's 2007 appearance an incredible success. Stay tuned for more info about our next meeting and our upcoming Who-Net picnic!