Folks, God was on our side today.

We were told rain, and despite a few nervous-making clouds around noon, the skies opened up to all their blueness. The sweltering heat and humidity that has put many in the hospital or worse, peeled away to a very temporate 83 degrees.

And the Who-Net picnic for 2007 came off without a hitch. It was a terrific gathering, and I actually got to learn how to play croquette with the Lee clan (though I take great exception to that sticking penalty Julie hit me with. Her son Jeffrey should watch where his head is when I'm swinging that mallot).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who made this year's last big outdoor get-together a huge success.

September 7th - the next big Who-Net meeting, wrapping up our look at the Invasion, and some extra special features! Stay tuned for more announcements!