It's a rare time when a nasty flu bug lays me low for more than a week, but the last three weeks has been a non-stop battle against the mother of all viruses. Not enough to land me in the hospital, but quite nearly.

But good news... I woke up just as they were wheeling me into a very premature tomb and I'm 98% back in shape. Unfortunately, the illness made me incredibly late on damn near everything, and there's a lot before me: updates on the website, forging the November issue of the Gazette, and starting work on the December-scheduled INNER DIMENSIONS/NEUTRON FLOW 2007 SPECIAL, which will occupy my days and nights between now and before Christmas. We also have the Halloween Party coming up in less than two weeks, so there's lots of work to do.

And, as if this wasn't enough to keep my head swimming, practically half my family celebrates birthdays this month. Deena's will be on the 24th (there's a "1" and a "5" in it, for those of you who are inquiring, but I'm never one to come out and reveal a lady's age), her mom's will be on the 26th, and the grandest of all, my mom's falls on Halloween. As some of you know, I was born on Friday the 13th of August, and that means when my mom and I touch hands, our Wonder Twin powers activate. Hee hee hee....

Okay, to your right will be updates on upcoming meetings and the Halloween party! Much more to come! Keep your bookmarks!