This Thanksgiving weekend, several of your favorite Whoosiers will be heading out of town for fun and profit... emphasis on the fun.

Mark Gasper and Co. will be heading north with his Doctor Who USA setup to the Chicago TARDIS convention being held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL, 5440 River Road. So if you're heading for this great Doctor Who convention, be sure to stop at his display and gaze in awesome wonder at all the tons and tons of fantastic DW/Torchwood/Brit Sci-Fi merchandise his back can bear!

Meanwhile, Dee and I will be heading east to Columbus, OH for the annual Mid-Ohio Con, being held at the Columbus Convention Center, 400 N. High Str. in the heart of town. It's been quite a while since we've been back and we're looking forward to seeing old friends, new faces, and great stars in TV, film, and comics. We're also hoping to get a chance to visit the Easton Center, which is a Christmas time wonder.

Still kind of arguing over what movie we're going to see Saturday, barring a Tony's Online Tips Board party. We wanted to go see "Beowulf" at the Easton IMAX, but it's closed for the holiday weekend. Dee wants to see "Enchanted", which I'm sorta drawn to, but nowhere near as much as I am to THE MIST, because, really, nothing says "yuletide" more than Lovecraftian monstrocities munching on panicking Wal-Mart shoppers. Hey, at least the monsters are having a bountiful Thanksgiving...

So anyway, please pray for us and all of our friends going out of town for a wonderful weekend and safe passage back home. Have a great holiday weekend, and we'll be back with info about our next Who-Net meeting!