Last December? That was my last post? Holy crap, maybe I'd better put something on this board

Seriously, many apologies for not checking in for so long. So let's get some updates going here:

As you can see to the right, we now have a new meeting place in the Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, a beautiful and spacious facility just off Keystone Ave. on 55th Str. We held our first meeting there April 4th and I was absolutely knocked out of my socks at the turnout! Many of our long-time members of the past and present arrived for our inaugural get-together, and we all enjoyed the classic DW episode "Castrovalva" (as Mark Gasper stated in his recent post on our Yahoo group, what a difference time and a special effects budget that isn't two pounds ten make).

I also put on display the elaborate TARDIS control room diorama... the first toy I've ever bought in more than 40 years of collecting that actually demanded its own furniture. It's gigantic, with a working control table time plunger, cool green lights, TARDIS sound bites. Oh, my Lord, what a monstrosity! And it's damn near the coolest thing I have in my collection.

Any way, I want to thank our good friends Wendy and John for getting things set up for us at the JMCC and the staff for making us feel welcome. It was a great night, and we're really looking forward to the May meeting, when we'll get to watch some all-new Doctor Who fresh from the BBC!

I'll have some new postings in just another day or two, as I'm trying to finish up the very late Gallifreyan Gazette (which will be out to our subscribers in just a few days). Keep it peeled here!