June 23rd, 2006

We're only a couple of weeks away from InCon, and things are absolutely bustling here at Who-Net Central! We're putting things together for an all-new membership package for new and renewing Who-Net members, we've been putting together the plans for the Who-Net room schedule, and, boy, are there going to be loads of surprises for everyone who stops by the Who-net room this year. It's a buttload of work, but it'll be worth it because 1. Who-Net is really gonna shine at InConJunction this year and 2. I am defending my title as World Champion Show-Off. Whoever is competing against me has never seen the can of whoopass they're opening...

We will be in Suite #1, which is down the hall from our old location in Suite #3, very close to all the convention activity and the dealer's room. We won't be hard to find. Besides the gazillions of posters we'll have up, we now have a large posterboard easel that will keep everyone updated on current and upcoming features and events.

Somewhere in all this, I'm going to try to catch a showing next week of SUPERMAN RETURNS, probably the first movie since EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that has absolutely grabbed me by the shorthairs on my head and screamed "COME SEE ME!" I don't recall a comic book based movie that has been so universally praised (so far only one negative review) though Spidey 2 and American Splendor come close.