Been a while since I've checked in, the Beeb is well into the new season, and we're just on the verge with the Sci-Fi Channel, so let me give you some safe, non-spoiler rundowns on the series so far....

"Partners in Crime"
Very good beginning. Usually with a new companion the main story comes off rather dull in order to get the chemistry working between the Doctor and his new protege`, but since we've already been there and done that, this one takes its time getting the Doctor and Donna Noble together, and has a lot of fun with it while making us wait.

Certainly, Catherine Tate is going to be a huge asset to this series. It's clear that her brief time with the Doctor in "Runaway Bride" has changed her, and that she now feels more compassion for others than she did prior to her first encounter. She still has that bitchy side, but it's nowhere near as annoying or coming out of nowhere like it did.

Wifey already wants a stuffed fat baby.

My jaw dropped on the big reveal at the end. Knew it was coming, but not so soon this early in the series.

"The Fires of Pompeii"
Although the question of how far a Time Lord can go when interfering in a fixed point in history has been addressed a number of times in both the new and classic series, it's never been answered satisfactorily until David Tennant's passionate explanation to Donna. And with Donna's equally passionate pleas, the tears came too easily.

"Planet of the Ood"
To date, the best episode of the series, putting the Ood right up there as major supporting characters in the Whoniverse. I have little doubt we will be seeing them again, maybe before the end of the season. They owe the Doctor a solid.

We'll be back soon with more DW goodness!