Sorry it's been so long since posts, but I felt it was about time to give everyone an update on what's happening at Who-Net Central beyond the occasional update on meetings and special events.

As everyone knows, we had a rather eventful June-July here in Columbus. We had to deal with the massive flood that brought destruction through our neighborhood (although compared to our neighbors we made out like thieves in the night), followed by a very expensive car repair, and then capped off with computer repair that all sought to eat away our Bush Buy-Off check (A.K.A. Economic Stimulus Package).

By the way, I think any President who had as lousy a term of office as Bush did should automatically send every one of us 1200 smackers. "Hi. Sorry for the last four years. Here's money. A'hm headin' back to my daddy's place."

The bad news with the computer problems was that it really curtailed everything we had planned to have for InConJunction... the cool posters, an InCon GG, a "Who is Doctor Who?" insert, program guide for the weekend. Fortunately, we were able to cobble together enough material that we made not only a good showing, but I can say unequivocbly that this has been Who-Net's most successful InCon of all time. We had several new members and re-ups and the final two episodes of the series saw an attendance of close to 80 people.

So we got InCon behind us, the computer came back running better than ever, with one exception: my flatbed scanner, without the original driver, became a big old paperweight. So, with the last of the Buy-off, we bought a brand-new All-in-One HP scanner/printer, which can also do printable CDs. Suh-weet!

So, with all this Mutt 'n Jeff behind us, we're homefree to finish the July Gazette and take on a new job at my church, publishing a short weekly newsletter, right?

As usual, fate took another hand last Saturday when I came down with a virus of some sort that laid me low all of Sunday and has temporarily robbed me of my hearing in my right ear. I went to our local Prompt Med since I no longer have a regular doctor, but the medicine they scripted me hasn't done any real good.

So I have an appointment next Monday at the ear clinic next to the hospital, and hopefully they can clear up what I'm hoping and praying is only a blockage that can easily be cleared up.

So please send some good thoughts my way. I could really use it right now.

Hey, it's not all doom and gloom around here, so cheer up, ya ol' bugger! I just got back from one of the best movies of the year, and certainly the best super-hero film of all time, THE DARK KNIGHT, and made I made an appearance this past Sunday on Fort Worth's FANBOY RADIO. Deena's still working, despite the hospital's dismantling by the flood, and me... I'm still alive and looking forward to finishing the Who-Net DVD and the Inner Dimensions/Neutron Flow special.

That's more than enough for now.

I won't be long getting back, I promise.