Lots of updating to be done here, so I'll try to keep it brief:

First off, I want to thank everyone for their support of me while I've been recovering from my recent hearing loss. Just to let you know, things have improved greatly, and while my hearing's still not quite 100%, it no longer feels like there's 15 pounds of cotton stuffed in my head.

Second, Dee and I came into some unexpected money this last week, and we decided that now was the time to move forward with our plans that got derailed by the flood for our Bush Buy-off money (the ESP) and purchase a 32" HDTV set.

For our household, this was actually a form of trauma. Because at the same time, AT&T showed up with their new U-Verse service that would combine my phone, internet, and TV. Considering how bad service had been with Comcast over the last year and that everything else in my house was run by AT&T, why not my television as well?

So we signed up for it and waited patiently for the check to arrive at my mom's. Just as sure as the world, it showed up Tuesday, just the day before the AT&T guy was to arrive. So after work I bought the new entertainment center to hold it and was up til 5 Wednesday morning putting the furshlugginger thing together.

At 8:00 AM that nasty thing I married woke me up for cell group, so we had a whirlwind mission to accomplish: get the check deposited, get to cell group, leave around 10:30 AM to go pick up the TV, get it home and then try to move the old entertainment center (a huge cabinet) out of the corner and place the new, low slung center there.

Tim arrived and helped me get the cabinet out to the garage, and we got that done just as Gary The AT&T Guy arrived. While he started working on setting up the new Gateway (which reminds me of a suppository for a Cylon), I started setting up the the television, which meant switching out the existing televisions. So my faithful little Daewoo stepped down to make way for my 25" Magnavox, which was a pain in the hiney to get up over my computer desk. But, oh, man how awesome it looks there!

Within about three hours, all the hook-ups, modems, lines, and wet gumwads were in place. After a quick demonstration of all the goodies, including the DVR boxes that can record 120 hours of shows and record 4 programs at the same time, our hero Gary left us to explore this new frontier.

Well, of course, the HD is very nice, but I didn't really know how nice until early Saturday morning after Dee left for work. I started channel surfing and came across HBO Comedy and they had just started running my all-time favorite Jerry Lewis movie, "Rock-A-Bye Baby" from 1958. It's a film I've seen many times, but the picture was so sharp and the color so crisp, it was like I was watching it for the first time.

So we managed to get hooked up to HD just in time for the final days of the Olympics. So we were able to watch High Def presentations of the Tiddley Winks Open, the finals of the Scrabble Teams, the Paper-Rock-Scissors playoffs were especially neat, and who will ever forget the Boomerang Invitational making their big come back?

That's the kind of joke that could get me banned from the World Wide Web for life.