Ahoy, Whovians, Mark "De Boss" Dooley here, and if you've been coming to the last couple of Whoosier Network meetings and wondered, "Where the hell is Dooley?", well, bad stuff happens, and in this case, car problems in March, and in April, family illness that kept us at home. Deena's dad, who is in the advanced stages of Parkinson's disease, caught pneumonia a few weeks ago, and the family had to make the hard decision to place him in a nursing home up in Franklin.

So its been some back-and-forthing from Columbus to Franklin. Fortunately, he's getting better and has actually been able to do some walking in the corridors.

And this week alone, my mother is also going through a bit of a crisis, as the diabetes that has made a mess of her and placed her dialysis for the last three years is now doing its work on her feet, as we've just received word that she'll have to have a toe amputated due to a bad ulceration.

But the good news is that, unless something of catastropic levels occurs, Dee and I will be at the May 1st meeting next weekend. Again, I apologize for the times we missed, but, as you can see from our video line-up directly to your right, we're gonna make-up for a lot of lost time!

Hope to see you next week!