Yep, it's De Boss again, clearing out the cobwebs from this site after too long a time away. Sorry I've been gone for a while, but after handling one crazy crisis after another, both in my personal life and with club stuff, I'm hoping to post more stuff up here as things start rolling toward next spring's debut of the 11th Doctor! And we have a VERY special event coming up on December 4th for all Whoosiers and Whonatics out there... the annual Christmas Party will take place on that date, following the club meeting, and you sure don't want to miss the meeting, because our Doctor Who feature will be THE WATERS OF MARS! Yes, the final "stand-alone" Doctor Who special before the holidays bring us David Tennant's final appearances as the Tenth Doctor.

We'll also have the latest news, the holiday edition of the Gallifreyan Gazette, and as much stuff as we can fit into an hour and a half, because at 8:00 sharp we launch into the festivities! Christmas, Adric! Christmas, Jaime and Zoe! Bring your favorite desserts and side-dishes, pop, non-alcoholic beverages, please, thank you, and get ready to frolic in the Hapless Who-Net Manner! We will have the special Christmas edition of "ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A SCI-FI GEEK?", as well as the Who-Net gift exchange! If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift of $20 value or less, and prepare to watch the fan fur fly!

So join us, and we'll party like it's 2012! Man, that sure loses a lot in the paraphrasing...