May 2nd, 2006

May 2nd, 2006

I've just previewed the first three episodes of the new season, "New Earth", "Tooth and Claw", and "School Reunion". First two are good episodes, no doubt, though "New Earth" does move at a rather frenzied pace and "Tooth" does far too much "chasing 'round the corridors" (although that's made up by one of the best cgi werewolves made for TV).

But "School Reunion"? Absolutely the highlight of the season (and we still have four episodes of Cybernetic goodness to come).

Gonna avoid a lot of spoilage here, because you'll want to see this at our June meeting. In fact, it, along with several special features accompanying it, will be our only presentation at the June meeting. But to say the least, we suggest you bring lots of kleenex. It's not the tear-jockey "Father's Day" was, but anyone who has ever loved Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 will need 'em.

What's great about this is that the episode primarily addresses some pertinent questions about the companion's relationship with the Doctor. Why do they spend such short times with the Doctor, and, in a case such as Sarah Jane's, why does he not return for them? The answer is heartbreaking.

And as it turns out, there are three kinds of companions that travel with the Doctor. Mickey's realization of where he falls is a hoot.

But the best moment is when Sarah and Rose come to terms with each other... as Mickey puts it, "The ex and the new girl. You're about to live every man's worst nightmare." Lots of companion envy here, and it's brilliantly written and staged.

Can't wait for the June meeting. You're just gonna love it.