Update from Who-Net Central

As some of you know, things have been kind of crazy here at the Dooley household. Our Lumina, the faithful mode of transport that has gotten us hither and yon for nearly two decades, is on life support, which kept us from travelling to the meeting in May. We're currently looking for a good used car, and I'm hoping that my brother Kenny and I can get together Monday to go shopping about. I absolutely plan on being at the June meeting, as we have a lot of stuff to go over on the InConJunction schedule.

I had a lot of fun putting the schedule together this year, and with the proper amount of tweaking, I think we'll have a terrific line-up of classic videoes, the latest Matt Smith episodes, live-shows, contests, and panels. And I can't wait to see how things work out with our new location at the Mariott.

We also have the Whoosier Network picnic coming up in August, and we'll be posting information about that in just a couple of days.

Before I bug out, I want to thank Stephen Kendall for all the work he's done for this club over the past year, particularly in my absence, and also for working out things at this and past InConJunctions as a staff member. He's made sure we have ahigh profile at these lovefests for our favorite sci-fi show and all its spin-offs.

We'll hopefully see all of you this next Friday! Until then, break out the fish fingers and vanilla custard!