Hi, Mark "De Boss" Dooley here, just reminding you that our regularly scheduled Friday meeting will not be this weekend, as we are replacing it with something may a tad more fun (or, at least, different)... the 2010 WHOOSIER NETWORK "Picnic of the Dead", taking place at Garfield Park, 2345 Pagoda Drive, Indianapolis, IN. The festivities begin at 11:00 AM (be watching for the Whoosier Network sign posted by the shelterhouse areas on the north side of the park). Bring your favorite goodies, grillers and cooking stuff (there is an open grill there), soda, snacks, and ice, ice baby! If you want to catch some sun, bring some lounge chairs and some games and be ready for some great fun and fellowship with your fellow Doctor Who fans! You'll find a link to a map showing you how to get there in the right hand column! We'll see you then!