Well, there you are! Have a nice, long summer? Read lots of books? Take a few walks through the park? Ruin your mind with a whole lot of baseball and NASCAR?

Well, it's the fall, soldier! So get in line, suck in that gut, tuck in that shirt, and get ready for the Whoosier Network meetings as they resume on Friday, September 2nd at 6:30 PM as that good man who went to war returns to the Life Journey Church, 2950 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN! You'll find our line-up listed in the column to your right. In October, we wrap up Season 6.1 with "The Almost People" with a shocking twist that takes us to Devil's Run as "A Good Man Goes to War", and we see a part of the Doctor that quite frankly gave me goosebumps.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!