Hope you all had a terific holiday weekend, and we're just gonna keep that up this coming weekend with another spectacular meeting of the Whoosier Network, 6:30 PM this Friday at the Life's Journey Church, 2950 55th Place, Indianapolis, IN. The much-delayed Gallifreyan Gazette will be available (with a terrific Olympic-themed cover) with the latest news on Doctor Who events, as well as the latest news on your favorite sci-fi TV shows and films. And with the sixth series finally at an end, we'll be taking a trip back to the heyday of the Fourth Doctor:

DOCTOR WHO with Tom Baker: "Destiny of the Daleks"
Fresh from their battle with the Black Guardian and the search for the Key to Time, the Doctor and a newly regenerated Romana (Lalla Ward) land on what seems to be an unoccupied planet. But it turns to be anything but deserted... they've landed on the remains of the Daleks' home planet Skaro!

We hope to see you all there!