Well. here was Plan A:

The Whoosier Network and Yes Cinema were going to put on a theatrical showing of "Doctor Who: Deep Breath" the evening of August 23rd, which would have included a cool costume contest, a best T-shirt contest (NOT a wet T-shirt contest), and some cool videoes to cap the night. We had to go the extra distance for this one because Yes needed to offset the cost of cancelling two showings of their scheduled film. And as always the Whoosier Network stepped up to the plate and met the challenge, raising the funds needed. With manager Ron Adams and the staff onboard, we were looking for an exciting evening that might have rivaled our presentation of "Day of the Doctor".

Then the other shoe fell.

Ron called me Tuesday and told me that because Fathom Events, an organization that plans one-of-a-kind theatrical events such as last year's 3-D "Day of the Doctor", the David Tennant double feature, and Metropolitan Opera shows for chains like AMC and Regal Theaters, had tied up theater rights to "Deep Breath", and it wouldn't be possible for Yes to do the show.

Before you get too out-of-joint about this turn of events, let me remind you all that Yes Cinema has been incredibly supportive of Doctor Who and the Whoosier Network since December of 2012 when we had that amazing turnout for "The Snowmen" (on a holiday evening with a snowstorm on the way), and then in November 2013 for "Day of the Doctor", when we had to set up folding chairs to fit everyone in the theater, and December for "Time of the Doctor" which saw an amazing turnout. Should the theatrical rights for this year's Christmas episode not come into question, I am certain that we will all gather at Yes Cinema to cap off an amazing Christmas evening.

So the Yes Cinema show is off. Fine.

Plan B:

On August 23rd, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Dee and I are holding our Mystical, Magical Garage Sale. Much of my personal collection of comics, toys, books, trading cards, and other treasures will be up for sale at what can only be called blasphemously low prices. And during the sale if you can answer a cool trivia question, you'll get $2 off your total purchase of $20 or more.

You're also invited to return at 6:30 PM, when we will put on Doctor Who video party from our garage. Bring folding chairs, refreshments (non-alcoholic), and prepare for an excellent evening as we welcome the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who: Deep Breath. We also plan on a costume contest and a best DW T-shirt contest.

We're located at 2817 22nd Street in Columbus, Indiana. If you're coming in from State Road 31 North, just follow it into Columbus, where it becomes National Road, and then turn right on Beam Road (from the South, turn left), easily spotted by the Captain D's on the corner. Immediately turn right at the corner of 22nd Street, and we're five doors down in the pale yellow house with green sashes.

Parking is limited at the house, but we'll try to accommodate as many as possible. There is available parking at the shopping center just a short walk from our home. We'll make the effort well worth it!

We hope to see then!